Recently, a video of a three-year-old boy eating street food while sitting in a food cart went viral on Chinese social media. 

According to The South China Morning Post, the toddler from Shaanxi province, northwestern China, was seen eating Roujiamo in his parent’s food cart while sitting next to an LPG gas cylinder. Roujiamo is a flatbread containing pork tenderloin, a traditional Shaanxi street food. His father was at the time selling Roujiamo to a waiting customer. 

The video uploaded on Douyin soon gained the public’s attention. Many people left comments to support the couple’s action. Meanwhile, some people expressed concern for the boy’s safety when placing him next to the gas cylinder. 

One netizen commented, “Your son is so cute, but please don’t let him sit next to the gas cylinder!”

Another wrote, “You can buy him a toy car for him to sit in it. It’s dangerous being next to the gas cylinder.”

The mother then explained that the gas cylinder had been turned off then. She added that because her son missed his dad, they placed them near the cylinder that day. 

According to Bloomberg News, the unemployment situation in China has worsened. Vulnerable workers—like migrants—are being struck harder by the economic downturn.

Figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics on December 15 show that the unemployment rate for migrant workers increased to 6% from 5.5% in October, while it remained high for young individuals aged 16 to 24 at 17.1%.

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