China’s extreme epidemic prevention has sparked public anger. Recently, Shanghai– China’s financial hub, has set plans to resume normal operations from the beginning of June. Even so, lockdowns remain in some areas across the city, and residents in several communities now have started to protest to demand the ending of lockdowns.

According to Radio Free Asia, on May 24, some Italian citizens of the ‘Jiali Huating’ in Shanghai’s Changning District were dissatisfied with the restrictions imposed by the authorities. So, they all rushed out to protest the lockdown and demanded it is lifted.

At one point, authorities dispatched many police cars to the scene.

However, Italian consulate staff arrived not long after, and the police left one after another. In the end, the lockdown was lifted.

Since April 11, the ‘Jiali Huating’ community has been designated a “prevention area.” The residents were locked inside the community, and only one designated person could go out twice within seven days to purchase necessary supplies.

One commented that foreigners could save the Chinese people from misery.

Another wrote that people are afraid of officials and that officials are fearful of foreigners, which has never changed in hundreds of years.

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