After the death of the former Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong, a former member of the CCP’s Standing Committee of the Politburo, and a confidant of Jiang, may be in danger.

Reports say that Zeng’s family is very rich, and doubt that his family’s huge fortune is derived from corruption.

Vision Times cited commentator Cheng Xiang saying that Xi Jinping once wanted to purge Zeng. So for a while, the CCP’s propaganda machine in China published articles criticizing Zeng.

However, Zeng, at that time, came out and refuted the comments, and immediately the articles that spoke ill of him stopped. 

Cheng said that this shows that Zeng was still very influential at that time, and Xi might not have been strong enough to purge Zeng.

But Cheng said that Zeng’s power comes from Jiang. 

Cheng revealed that when Xi was about to attack Zeng, Jiang told Xi that if Xi wanted to touch Zeng, he should wait until Jiang is dead.

After Jiang said this, Xi did not dare continue with his plan, and Zeng was left alone.

According to Cheng, Jiang is now dead so whether Xi can start in on Zeng is a question that is worth waiting for an answer to.

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