He once fiercely fought against corruption, but now China’s former justice minister, Fu Zhenghua , has been sentenced to life in prison for accepting bribes and bending laws for personal gain. 

The 67-year-old received sentencing on September 22, which was mitigated from a 2-year-suspended death penalty. However, he will serve his prison term without commutation or parole.

As Radio Free Asia reports, Fu held multiple positions between 2005 and 2021. Around this period, he helped individuals and companies bypass the law for money and illegally collected property. As a result, he gained over $16.5 million (117 million yuan) in illicit funds and assets. 

The court also found that in 2014 and 2015, Fu abused his role as the director of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau and protected his younger brother Fu Weihua from criminal investigation. No additional information about the case was mentioned.

Fu Zhenghua was at the forefront of Beijing’s corruption crackdown campaign. According to RFI, he was known for clamping down on big nightclubs while serving as the director of Beijing Public Security. In addition, Reuters said around 10 years ago, he spearheaded a probe into the former minister of public security, Zhou Yongkang . Zhou was considered one of the most powerful Chinese leaders.

Yet, this year, Beijing also determined that Fu Zhenghua has a role in the Sun Lijun political gang. As a former Chinese vice minister of public security, Sun Lijun has been prosecuted for selling government positions, manipulating stock prices, and illegally possessing weapons. Additionally, Sun was charged with resisting Xi Jinping’s leadership.
Also, on September 22, China convicted two former top public security officials, Gong Daoan and Deng Huilin . Both were sentenced to life in prison for accepting bribes and were accused of being part of the Sun Lijun gang.

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