The Zero-COVID policy imposed by the CCP has led to many tragedies and farces. According to a video posted online, Guiyang residents who reported to the police about someone avoiding the COVID testing were arrested for “affecting pandemic-free communities.”

Several videos were posted on the internet a few days ago that showed how the police went into a house to arrest a woman but were stopped in the hallway by many other residents. The police told people repeatedly to “Cooperate with their work,” but they wouldn’t let them go. They told the police, “We were also arrested after we reported the problem to you. Is there still a law?”

According to the revelations on Weibo, the incident happened in three buildings with five groups in Zhongtian Sweet Town in Guiyang City.

On September 17, nucleic acid testing workers in the community said that they found the shop’s first floor was being used privately by the community’s property manager and his family. And that his family had not gone out for nucleic acid testing for 11 days in a row.

On September 18, the owner called the city’s hotline to report the problem. They soon got a call from the police station, which told them, “Don’t make trouble just to ease the lockdown.” The whistleblower used foul language on the phone, but when the police came to arrest the person, they were stopped at the stairs by other owners.

The police told residents over and over to “Cooperate,” but they wouldn’t let them go. One resident told the police, “We have reported COVID cases these days, then you come and arrest us. Is there any law?”

Some netizens say that people who can avoid nucleic acid testing for lengthy periods clearly belong to a “privileged class.” And the so-called “pandemic-free community” is also thought to have something to do with privilege.

In Guiyang City, many neighborhoods have been labeled “pandemic-free communities,” and residents have been free to come and go. This is because of the strict control and prevention measures. Some locals told the news that some so-called “pandemic-free communities” are actually the family homes of local government workers, and some family members of government workers rushed to “quarantine” to stay in free high-end hotels.

There are many signs that China’s dynamic Zero-Covid has become a political movement whose operations have nothing to do with the “target of epidemic prevention.” Netizens say that the results of some people’s nucleic acid tests are not clear and that the nucleic acid reports of the dead are still being updated regularly. At the same time, a video shows that the nucleic acid test inside the suspected government employee “only scans the code without sampling.”

A few days ago, people who were moved to remote isolation in Guiyang City were involved in a tragic car accident. Local netizens later said that many of the people who were quarantined had green codes, and some entire buildings’ residents were taken to the quarantine site because infections were found in citizens in nearby buildings.

Why does Beijing keep pushing “dynamic Zero Covid”? There are different opinions in the public sphere. Some people think it’s because Chinese officials are fighting among themselves, and others believe it’s to strengthen social control. And still others think it might have something to do with China’s substantial interests in the nucleic acid industry.

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