Although China pursues its “dynamic zero Covid” policy, outbreaks continue to appear in many places across China. According to official reports, COVID cases have occurred in 12 cities from three provinces in mainland China over the past week.

Most of China’s new Covid cases are in Si County, Anhui Province. The Covid outbreaks in Anhui then spread to 12 cities in neighboring provinces.

On July 3 alone, Anhui province added 29 new COVID confirmed cases found in Si County, Suzhou City. Si County also accounted for 227 COVID asymptomatic infections out of 258 cases reported in Anhui province.

In Shanghai, the outbreak also reoccurred during the same period in Putuo District and Pudong New District.

According to Chinese media Xin Tang Ren, Covid-positive cases led to the lockdown of Shanggang Second Village in the Pudong New Area on the evening of July 3. The community gate was sealed. [Video 0:30-0:40]

Residents of the whole community had to do nucleic acid tests in the middle of the night.

The previous shutdown, which occurred in late March, had left Shanghai in chaos and suffering. Residents were confined in their homes, unable to obtain food or medical care. Their fury and desperation flooded social media. Some even resorted to banging pots and pans to protest the lockdown. [Video]

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