At China’s second-largest shopping festival, 6.18, Apple’s iPhone outsold mainland competitors and garnered the most sales. 

Overall, Strategy Analytics estimated that 14 million smartphone units were sold at the major. And the iPhone took over nearly 7 million of that, far leaving other Chinese-based rivals behind.

While it is a year-on-year decrease of 4%, the group estimated that Apple would be earning 41.5 billion yuan (6.3 billion dollars) in revenue from the sales. The full retail price would amount to over 950 dollars.

By revenue share across all major channels such as, TMall, Pinduoduo, etc., Apple also came out on top.

Peng Peng, Analyst at Strategy Analytics, commented, “Apple solidified the leadership with impressive performance during 6.18 festival this year.”

Apple was also the key leverage of this year’s online smartphone sales price, which grew to more than 660 dollars, a 13% increase from the previous year. This was due to the U.S.-based tech giant’s higher-priced iPhones.

Respectively following up was Xiaomi, Honor, Vivo (IQOO) and OPPO. Xiaomi took over 30% volume share, which was a 2% drop from the same period last year. Honor enjoyed a 6% growth to 10% this festival. Vivo (IQOO) and OPPO sequentially captured 6% and 5%. 

The 6.18 Online Shopping Festival is the second biggest shopping event in China, standing only behind the Double Eleven in November.

Nevertheless, Strategy Analytics said the smartphone market this year has cooled to a significant extent. The 14 million smartphone units sold indicate a decline of 25% from the previous year.

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