CCP’s Zero-COVID policy is still continuing and causing a lot of suffering to all classes of people, especially the disadvantaged groups in China.

Recently, it was reported that pandemic prevention staff of a community in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, cut off electricity and water to entice people into isolation, telling them they would be going to a hotel. But instead they were tricked, and forcibly quarantined in newly built cabins.

Footage uploaded by Twitter user “TragedyInChina” shows many residents loudly protesting outside a cabin in Hohhot, with a woman kneeling on the ground and begging to go home.

A woman in the video says in front of the cabin: “We were all tricked into coming, saying that we were going to the hotel, and we were all taken to the Fangcang cabin hospital, it’s really too much. Ridiculous!” TragedyInChina also posted text messages revealing that residents were tricked by threats to cut off electricity and water.

The woman presented in the video said, “Do you see? The driver locked the car door and refused to let us people get in the car… The old lady was freezing to death. But they wouldn’t let anyone get in the car, leaving people here and driving away…”

Twitter user @hippotomons commented, “You can’t kneel! This stuff is bullying.”

China Digital Times quotes netizen @ jinmo-, “…We didn’t die in the hands of the Coronavirus but in the hands of the seal control. When I was quarantined at home. No one came to deliver food for four days. I ate all the food at home. I opened the door and went downstairs to get the food from the neighbors. People from the community immediately came and said they would send me to the police station for detention. I said, ‘let’s go then; there is food at the police station.’”

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