Youngsters abuse disabled elderly man

A Twitter account named @xinwendiaocha posted a video on July 5, showing two youngsters teasing an elderly disabled man. The girl is jumping, joking, and trying to kick out the older man’s crutches while the boy kicks the man’s belongings away. Both youngsters try to prevent the older man from protecting his belongings. The cameraman also laughs loudly, showing his support for the whole process of irritating the vulnerable old man.

This video has attracted more than 100 thousand views. Most of the netizens show their anger toward the youngsters.

A netizen asks if they are still human, where their hearts are, and why they treat a disabled old man like this.

Another states that in Western countries, such abusers of vulnerable groups would be sentenced to juvenile prison.

The video uploader leaves a caption that “This is our future inside the mainland! so disgusting!”

One netizen argues that this is not the future but the present.

Kindness still exists somewhere

The next video on Weibo shows the opposite situation. An elderly street vendor had her belongings confiscated by the urban management force. They put her belongings on a pickup truck and drove away. The poor old woman tries to run after the truck and grab something from the confiscated items. The officers try to restrain her, but bystanders help her escape. Notably, a tall young man reaches to cover and prevent officers from touching the old woman. Finally, the elderly female successfully escapes and runs away with her possessions.

It is unknown what her subsequent fate will be, but the video shows that kindness is still around.

Wuxi under complete disinfection operation

According to Reuters, Jiangsu province is being hit by Covid clusters at the start of the summer travel season, with 30 local cases reported for July 1. 

Wuxi city in the province has suspended operations of all bus routes from July 2. In addition, Lianyungang started mass testing for residents in some regions of the city.

A video uploaded on July 6 shows disinfection work going on throughout Wuxi city.

Hundreds of trucks have been deployed to spray disinfectant citywide, from roads to harbors, from residential areas to shopping malls.

The video uploader leaves a caption that Wuxi is completely eliminated, like an alien invasion.

Infinity Gauntlet in the sky

Do you remember the Infinity Gauntlet of Thanos in the Marvel series?

The video shows a cloudy sky, in which a higher cloud forms a big hand. There is also lightning and sparks around the hand. After a few minutes, the cloud gradually dissipates, but its original shape is still visible.

One netizen says it is like the palm of the Buddha, while another compares it with the Infinity Gauntlet.

Some say it is a miracle in the sky.

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