Amid a new round of the pandemic, Shenzhen regulators requested residents to get nucleic acid tests daily and that they will “take the strictest measures, the greatest strength and the fastest speed to deal with this round of the epidemic.”

On July 31, a video on Weibo showed citizens in Longjing Road lining up at night to receive water from a water tanker after 16 hours of no water. It went viral and sparked outrage on the internet. Power cuts and then water cuts are unbearable during the hot summer months. A resident said, “Out of every week, four days we have no power and one day without water, it’s hard to believe that I live in Shenzhen.” 

Authorities reported the incident including leaking water pipes and a renovation water supply project. Some people, however, believe it is related to the COVID test. 

In Nanshan, people didn’t do nucleic acid tests in the morning and the water was cut in the afternoon.

Adding to the 48-hour testing requirement is the group code policy. If one person in a group fails to take the test the whole group is penalized. Talking about this matter, Jia-xx, asked if the authorities could create a brain chip to control people instead of doing a group code. He said, ”We Chinese people have no privacy, dignity, or human rights.”

Zheng Dia said that nucleic acid tests for half a year is not enough, now people in Shenzhen are required to engage in group code at work and home. He also pointed out that for local authorities, “the last solution when the government cannot solve the problem is to continue to increase the control over its people.”

There are many reasons for people to line up in China, from nucleic acid tests to withdrawing money at the bank; and now they line up for water.

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