People fighting over food in China

Recently, a video compilation shared online with the title “Sometimes eating is also a battlefield” surprised and stunned everyone about the Chinese people’s way of eating.

The video shows many women, children, and men sitting at different parties. It is worth mentioning that as soon as the food is just placed on the table, they scramble to pick up the food like they were in a battle. 

Even a woman chews the food like she has been starving. 

Another footage shows the women stealthily pretending to eat but putting the food in a prepared bag.

It is not known if they were hungry enough to fight for food in that way. But when invited to dinner, people must prepare for a desperate and shocking scene.

Due to the scorching heat in China, green trees ‘smoke’ 

Recently, Sichuan has reached its peak of high temperature. According to Chinese media, most areas recorded high temperatures on August 21. The highest temperature in Jianyang, Chengdu, reached 43.4°C (110 °F).

Not only people can’t stand the heatwave, but even the trees have become so hot that smoke can be seen from the trunk and branches as if they are about to catch fire. 

A video shared on social media shows white smoke coming out of a tree in Chengdu, Sichuan. What puzzles people is that the tree leaves are still very green.

Chongqing, the province now known as the furnace, has also experienced extreme temperatures in the past few days. The trees here burn even more fiercely. Footage shows the fire sparking from inside the trunk. People had to rush to use water to extinguish it.

People evacuated from mountain areas in Chongqing

Recently, Chongqing suffered the worst extreme continuous sunny and high-temperature weather registered since 1961

From August 20 to 21, in just two days, mountain fires broke out in Banan, Beibei, Dazu, Tongliang, Kaizhou, and other places in Chongqing one after another. Among them, the fires in Banan and Beibei were the most violent.

According to Chinese media, the fires are under control, and there are no reports of casualties.
The video shows the fire still burning, with black smoke rising to the sky. Besides, people were evacuated from the mountain in Banan district, Chongqing, on August 23 because they worried the fire could spread to the houses.

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