On October 26, People’s Daily, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) mouthpiece, published the full-text report of the 20th National Congress.

CCP general secretary Xi Jinping read this report at the opening session of the congress on the 16th. However, his speech, when compared with the complete text, Apollo News found that Xi omitted 400 words.

These 400 words all focused on CCP issues, possibly causing the public more frustration.

The contents Xi ignored while reading the report included the CCP admitting that some CCP members’ and officials’ political beliefs had been shaken.

Many Party members suffer from formal diseases, bureaucracy, and the pursuit of pleasure and luxury. Many party members are officials with the ideology of privilege, and this phenomenon is becoming more common and serious.

The CCP report also acknowledges that many party members have a vague understanding of the party’s leadership role and lack action in maintaining this role. As a result, many party members have falsified and diluted the party’s leadership.

In addition, the maintenance of national security needs to be done better, the ability to cope with threats is not strong, and there are still many shortcomings and weaknesses in the modernization process of the army.

The report revealed that many party members and citizens were worried about the survival of the CCP.

In the reports at the previous congresses, the CCP’s problems were presented in a scattered manner. But this congress’s report raised the issues in focus. The only difference is the problems are not read out to the public by Xi.

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