If you ever wonder what a driving test in China looks like, you are probably amazed by how hard it is after watching this short video.

The clip, with nearly 12 million views, was posted on Twitter by Tansu Yegen and shows a car driving through a winding path with zigzags, parking spots, reverse driving, and figure eights.

Internet says it “looks like a fast and furious audition” and “This is extremely difficult. Have to admire their training.”

The station comprises several obstacles. The person who took the test had to drive the car within the marked lines and follow the eight forward and backward, including ascending and descending. There was also parallel parking, one of the trickiest maneuvers for inexperienced drivers. 

One person shared a similar complicated driving test in Taiwan, saying, “The parallel parking has to be done in one shot, with no back-and-forth. If you fail twice, you are out.” 

While the video has stunned many, it left others thinking and contemplating how long it takes for people in China to get a driver’s license. Some people upload videos showing dangerous driving in China when cars stop, reverse and turn on the highway, similar to what they do in the test. 

This is a horrible test. It didn’t test your skills in traffic at all. You can be amazing at this and still a horrible driver.
Another video of chaotic traffic in Hainan when people driving motorbikes and bikes in opposite directions cut each other off caused one to comment, “That’s why they use bikes.”

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