The CCP’s Xinhua News Agency on October 24 released a Report on the emergence of a new Central Leadership Structure. In 2012 and 2017, Xinhua also released the the report, which could be said to have become the norm.

This year, in the report, a paragraph reads, “When the new central leadership was considering candidates and soliciting opinions, some leaders of the Party and State … took the initiative to propose their resignation.” This caused a heated debate among netizens.

Aboluowang reporters discovered that, in previous reports on the CCP’s Xinhua News Agency, relayed the information differently, “A group of comrades have many important contributions for the cause of the Party and the people … retired from the position of central leadership.” Therefore, the presentation has clearly changed.

Another difference in the report is that on March 24 of this year, Xi Jinping chaired a meeting of the Politburo Standing Committee to discuss and approve the “The Plan For Investigation And Research For The Preparation Of Candidates For The New Central Leadership Structure.” In 2017 though, Xi held the same meeting on April 24, which means a month earlier this year.

This report also reveals very important information.

According to Xinhua, from late April to June 2017, Xi spoke with a number of so-called incumbent Party and state leaders, members of the Central Military Commission, and other members of the Central Military Commission, former comrades in the Party, listening to the opinions of a total of 57 people.

This year, since April, Xi has had talks with incumbent members of the Politburo of the CCP Central Committee, members of the CCP Central Committee Secretariat, vice presidents and the Standing Member of the Central Military Commission, listening to the opinions of a total of 30 people.”

Not only was the number almost halved, but the bottom line was that there was no mention of “former comrades in the Party.”

In other words, Xi did not talk to the former CCP leaders and listen to their opinions. This can be said to be the most significant change this year, obviously this “rule” of the CCP has been completely broken by Xi Jinping.

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