The Chinese regime, considered the biggest violator of human rights, promotes through its propaganda arm, The People Daily, a video, which it describes as a “satirical play”, where it accuses the United States of genocide, according to Breitbart.

The official media of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) published on Wednesday, April 6, a video showing a Chinese man with a feathered headdress representing a member of the American Shoshone tribe. The dialogue in the performance deliberately attempts to launder the image of the regime as the undisputed perpetrator of human rights violations and to cast the U.S. in that role. 

“The Shoshone are a large tribe consisting of several communities in Nevada and Idaho. Perhaps the most prominent Shoshone historical figure outside the Native American community is Sacagawea, the guide who helped European explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark map territory gained through the Louisiana Purchase,” Breitbart notes.

During the skit, a woman acting as a journalist interviews the Chinese man about the U.S. nuclear weapons test launches in 1950, to which the man responds by feigning a sad face: “American government had nuclear tests on our territory,” the “native” man replies. “This is genocide!”.

“My fellow tribesmen’s health has been devastated. Many local people suffered developmental retardation, leukemia, and various types of cancers,” he continued. To which the woman replied, “That’s so detestable.”

It is precisely the Chinese regime that oppresses the indigenous communities living in China, in the areas of Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, banning the culture and language of these minorities, as is the case of the Uyghur ethnic group.

In addition, the CCP maintains a vile persecution and slave labor in concentration camps against believers of the spiritual discipline Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa), considered one of the cruelest, since it involves the forced organ harvesting from people while they are still alive.

Propaganda to accuse and discredit the enemy is a common tactic of the Chinese regime in an attempt to launder its image before its people and the international community.

But as is increasingly evidenced by the testimonies of CCP victims and documented by independent investigations and human rights organizations, the vicious persecution of minorities and anyone who does not conform to the rules imposed by the regime continues.

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