The Chinese company that owns the video app TikTok could be sending users’ passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). That is the opinion of Casey Fleming, CEO of advisory firm BlackOps Partners – a cyber and threat management consulting company. He expressed his concern during a recent interview with NTD television.

He said that when you actually hit the keys and type each letter and number, that information is sent back to China and watched over by the Chinese Communist Party. What you’re texting, who you’re texting, your passwords, your email accounts, everything on your phone, and everything you type in emails or texts are all recorded by keylogging.

The comments come just a week after it was found that TikTok’s browser had code for keylogging. This means that the app can record all of a user’s keystrokes on the device he or she is using, even in email and on websites.

Fleming called TikTok an “espionage application.” He said it is being used to collect personal information about Americans, especially young people, in a systematic way.

“People need to understand that TikTok is a weaponized military application in the hands of our middle schoolers, our kids, our high school kids, and our young adults.”

He also said that the app is probably being used as part of the CCP’s “hybrid war” strategy. In this strategy, the regime tries to reach military goals through nonmilitary means.

He added that the app is being used to steal intellectual property, and spread propaganda that supports the CCP. It can also help find information about Americans that can be used to blackmail them later.

So, he said, Americans need to learn more about how dangerous the app is and how it is being used to spread China’s communist ideas.

Fleming said that you have to believe and think that the Chinese Communist Party controls everything that comes out of China. This is where Americans and other people in the West get really confused.

He added that we might think China is the same as the U.S. regarding management, government, values, and so on. But it isn’t. The Chinese Communist Party controls everything in China, from companies to apps.

Fleming said that the U.S. couldn’t keep letting the app spread and still have a free society. He also noted that data theft from millions of Americans, including children, was an example of hostile foreign influence on the country.

Fleming said that we really need laws and policies that clearly stated that foreign influence in the United States should never be allowed. And we need to stop it right away.

“Understand TikTok is not your friend. If you love your children, if you love your family, get the TikTok app off your phone, your tablet, your computer.”

He also said that American freedom as a country is in the balance.

Brendan Carr is the head of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. Back in June, he also called TikTok a [quote] “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” This was after the leaked audio from 80 internal TikTok meetings showing that employees had accessed the private data of U.S. users as recently as January 2022.

In addition, an Australian senior politician has said that Australia should think about banning TikTok if it can’t be sure that the Chinese company isn’t mining users’ data.

James Paterson is a Liberal senator and the cyber security spokesman for the opposition. He is also a member of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, which looks into threats of foreign interference. He said that an outright ban on the app should be on the table.

He said that the issue needed to be dealt with quickly because tensions with China are getting worse.

Katherine Manstead is the Director of Cyber Intelligence at the Australian security company CyberCX. She told the Daily Mail that the Chinese Communist Party had [quote] “an insatiable appetite for the personal information of Australian citizens.”

She said this information could then be used to determine what people think about specific issues. This information can also help find weak spots or places that could be manipulated by “social mapping” on a large scale.

More than 2.5 million Australians use TikTok regularly. About one-third of users in Australia are under 15 years old.

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