Incomplete statistics from the People’s Daily Health Client show that Chengdu, Sichuan Province, registered a total of 500 new COVID confirmed positive cases from August 25 to August 29. 

Chengdu experienced heavy rain on the evening of August 28. The video shows a large number of people lining up under the pouring rain waiting for COVID tests.

The next day was Monday, so people needed to show a negative certificate when entering public places or going to work.

Wuhou District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in Chengdu issued a notice on August 29 amid a spike in COVID cases. The authorities advised citizens not to leave Chengdu unless necessary. 

On the evening of August 29, roads in Jinjiang District in Chengdu were blocked. The police can be heard talking to the driver, “You can go in, but you can’t come out.”

Additionally, there were online rumors that Chengdu was ready to go into lockdown. The news then triggered panic buying. 

In the middle of the night on August 29, a large number of Chengdu citizens rushed to the supermarkets and shopping malls to grab food and supplies. Video shows several supermarket shelves being left bare.

Chengdu authorities denied the rumor the next day, saying that the city would not be shut down. However, closure and control measures have significantly upgraded since August 30.

A Chengdu netizen posted some photos of the community on the Internet, saying: “I managed to survive the high temperature and power outages, but this time the iron sheet was welded suddenly, and I was really panicked.”

The video allegedly took place in Chengdu and also shows many workers were busy setting up iron sheets on August 30.

Chengdu is the capital of southwestern China’s Sichuan province. According to Chinese media Health Times, many people have also moved out of Chengdu city recently. For example, on August 29, people who moved from Chengdu to other parts of Sichuan accounted for 77.98% of the total population.

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