Guangzhou has recently seen COVID pandemic cases rebound. As a result, many people rushed to the COVID testing sites in Guangzhou’s Haizhu District and Baiyun District.

As Chinese media Xin Tang Ren reported, authorities in Haizhu District, Guangzhou, issued an announcement on October 30. 

Accordingly, all residents in the district had to undergo several COVID tests. Communities, urban villages, and industrial parks would be under closed management. 

On October 28, all Haizhu District, Guangzhou residents underwent COVID tests. A video uploaded on the internet shows a crowd of people waiting for their turns at a testing point in Shangyong Village.

0:17 When I came here

0:19 I was dumbfounded, really dumbfounded

0:21 There were so many people, so many gathered

0:24 And the queues were so crowded

Another citizen of Guangzhou, Mr. Wu, told this media outlet that his health code suddenly turned yellow. And that on October 29, many residents were required to take COVID tests. If not, the health code would remain yellow.

Baiyun District has also been under partial lockdown and control starting October 20. Besides shutting down some communities, bus stops and subway entrances in medium and high-risk areas will be temporarily suspended.

An online video showed that a large crowd had gathered at the Baiyun District nucleic acid testing site. Locals complained that the queue was really chaotic.

According to the Guangzhou Health and Health Commission report, on October 29, Guangzhou reported 139 COVID cases. Among them, 77 cases are in Zhuhai District, 31 in Baiyun District, and 17 in Tianhe District.

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