An employee at a state-owned company in eastern China has recently made flamboyant statements about his great wealth and personal connections with government officials. His case stirred widespread public discussion prompting public speculation about corruption. He is currently suspended and is under investigation.

The person in the spotlight is Zhou Jie. He is a general employee with the state-owned Capital Operation Holding Group in Jiangxi province. His case attracted national attention over the weekend after he boasted about his wealth and power on Chinese social media, WeChat spread widely. 

Hinting that his dad is a senior official in the provincial government, Zhou bragged about frequently hanging out with high-level officials and wealthy business circles. He even claims a deputy provincial governor once gave him a carton of cigarettes worth $180.

He also said he once drank tea that cost up to $60,000 per kilogram.

Zhou also boasted about wearing luxury brands, including an Omega watch that once prompted an official to tell him to “keep it simple.”

Although a general employee, Zhou also claimed that one of his superiors told a worker to install an air shield above his desk because he was concerned that the air conditioning might be too cold for Zhou.

As of Wednesday morning, Zhou’s case is a trending topic on Weibo, attracting more than 260 million views and 20,000 comments.

Zhou’s posts about his wealth created substantial online discussion and raised doubts among the public about the man’s source of wealth and whether he was involved in anything corrupt.

The heated discussion prompted his employer, Capital Operation Holding Group, to open an investigation into his case, as his claims mention Chinese Communist Party officials.

The state-owned firm refuted his claims, saying he told lies arising out of his vanity. 

Zhou was suspended from his post.

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