Tangshan has come to the headlines all over social media recently with the beating of women, followed by a wave of online criminal reports. On June 14, hundreds of people kneeling down and petitioning in the street have caused even more public attention.

The case is about the Tangshan government’s alleged misappropriation of 480 million yuan of residential construction supervision funds. The project was suspended from February this year because there was no budget to carry on. 1,384 homeowners become homeless and the issue has not been resolved.  

According to a netizen, “The central government should thoroughly investigate the flow of funds, recover the funds, and give justice to the people. There are many elderly people on this property, and they will not post on Weibo. Please pay attention.”

Local residents said, “We believe that the police in the High-tech Zone will be able to get our money back.” However, the video posted on the Internet showed that people were suppressed, and an old man was dragged into a police car by the police. The police also requested to delete the video or arrest the person who recorded the scene.

By June 15, topics related to the incident had been deleted from Weibo, and entries had been removed from the hot search list. Only a few netizens insisted on posting, with phrases such as  “Post it on the Internet.” or “Hands are shaking with anger.”

One popular post on Twitter said, “Hundreds of people in Tangshan knelt down and petitioned not to mention hot searches, [but] the topic was banned, and the video was deleted.” It added that some people regarded Weibo as a court, because the social media network decides to deliver the final justice of a certain topic.

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