In China, it is common to read on the news about people who suffer health problems because they live in polluted industrial areas. Recently, hundreds of children in the city of ​​Shangqiu, Henan province, suffered nosebleeds presumably related to nearby factory emissions. Although the factories involved have suspended production, officials have denied that the emissions infringe environmental standards. 

Mainland Chinese media channels NetEase and Sohu reported on May 25 that hundreds of children in Xiayi district, Shangqiu, simultaneously had nosebleeds. The district’s environment protection department investigated 5 textile factories in the southern area of ​​Xiayi county and found that 4 factories produced emissions during the manufacturing process, which resulted in a strange smell in the surrounding environment. However, the investigation found that the polluting emissions did not violate relevant regulations. Currently, residents, and primary and secondary school students in neighboring residential areas are being checked at the hospitals. 

Song Chengyu, a local private businessman, told the Epoch Times that his home is nearby. He said that on May 1 last year he returned home after a long vacation. He could smell the burning rubber when he was sleeping at night. It was very hot, but he dared not open the window because it was very unpleasant. It was a little better during the day. People suspect the textile printing and dyeing factory nearby may be sneaking out emissions at night. In addition to nosebleeds in children, adults also have sore throats, dry coughs or itchy noses. 

On May 27, the Epoch Times contacted Xiayi County People’s Hospital, Shangqiu City; the nurse answering the phone said many people were queuing for medical examination, and they should ask for an ear, nose, and throat specialist. The reporter called the Department of Otolaryngology, but no one answered. When the reporter called back, the nurse said: “The specific cause is still unknown; we need to wait for the official announcement. We cannot arbitrarily tell the people outside (the hospital)”. 

Then, the reporter called a pharmacy near the Xiayi County People’s Hospital and asked what medicine would be better as many people have recently had a sore throat. The pharmacy staff said that according to the regulations of the Medical Examination and Treatment Management Department, medicines for sore throat and fever are not allowed to be sold in the pharmacy. 

Previously, BYD New Energy Vehicle Manufacturing Company in Changsha, Hunan, had an environmental pollution crisis. On May 7, NetEase reported that people near the factory said an airflow with a very unpleasant and strong oil smell was around, affecting the residents’ health. Emissions exceeding acceptable standards have led to 800 children around the plant with bleeding noses; adults also have dizziness, vomiting, and persistent cough symptoms. However, after the incident, the government’s test data showed that the factory’s emissions met the standards. 

BYD previously had problems with emissions. As early as 2016, the issue of unhealthy emissions at Baolong Industrial Park, Longgang District, Shenzhen, made the surrounding residents miserable. Residents of the Luanshanhu Valley and Luanshanhu communities in the Longgang district of Shenzhen have been suffering from emissions for several years. Residents say they dare not open their windows at night. These situations are the same as those faced by the people of Yuhua District in Changsha at the moment. 

Xu Liang, a resident of Xi’an, Shaanxi, told the Epoch Times that social platforms had deleted posts about nosebleeds in Xiayi, Shangqiu, Henan and those near BYD company in Changsha, Hunan. Currently, “Shaanxi Daily” wants to build a printing factory in a densely populated area of ​​the university village of Chang’an district, Xi’an city, completely disregarding the lives and health of the surrounding residents. People protested many times, but they are not heard. Many media outlets have deleted the news of “Shaanxi Daily” building a printing factory in a residential area, and they can only be found on Weibo and Zhihu.

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