According to Radio Free Asia, many Chinese nationals in Cambodia will face deportation due to their illegal activities in the country. 

Radio Free Asia cited the latest report from Cambodian Immigration Bureau, saying that 920 foreigners are waiting to be deported at the deportation center, including 674 Chinese nationals.

The Cambodian media outlet Cambodia-China Times quoted the report as saying that 1,450 foreigners had been deported in the first nine months of this year. They came from 32 countries and regions, including 390 Chinese citizens. These people are allegedly engaged in telecom scams and other illegal activities.

The Cambodian Ministry of Interior also reported that since the country launched the help channel to rescue victims of human trafficking crime, 402 cases have been received.

In addition, Cambodian police arrested 53 people in the rescue operations, 49 of whom were from mainland China and Taiwan. They are suspected of human trafficking and other crimes.

The Guardian reported in August that hundreds of Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and other nationals are victims of human trafficking operations in Southeast Asia. They were held captive in heavily-guarded buildings and forced to work in telecom scam networks.

Police forces in Taiwan, Viet Nam, and several Asia countries then launched rescue operations to save their citizens and take down the human trafficking syndicates. Authorities in Cambodia also arrested nearly 400 Chinese and Taiwanese nationals in their operations.

In its annual Trafficking in Persons report released this year, the U.S. State Department put Cambodia in tier 3, the worst level on the watch list. The report noted that organized criminal groups run by Chinese nationals often induce foreign workers to Cambodia to engage in telecom scams.

Last month, the Philippines announced plans to deport 40,000 Chinese nationals involved in the gambling industry in the country.

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