According to Chinese overseas media, people in many flooded areas in Hunan accuse the local authorities of concealing information to downplay the disaster.

A resident of Zhuzhou, Hunan named Guo said it’s been raining every day for the past half month. The flood severely damaged his house. Though ​​​​the sidewalks along the Xiangjiang River were flooded, the state-run media didn’t report about it. He said the government’s purpose was to report the good news, not the bad ones. He also accused the government of releasing the reservoirs without considering people’s well-being.

Another resident from Hengyang, Hunan, also echoed Mr. Guo’s account. Mr. Huang said that it’s been raining for about ten days. Flooding has occurred in Hengyang, but the residents have not heard any reports about the situation. They live on the bank of the Xiangjiang River and don’t know whether the authorities will release the reservoir.

Hunan’s famous ancient city of Fenghuang has also suffered a severe flood. Wu, a resident from Fenghuang city, said that it rained heavily a few days ago. A large amount of water allegedly discharged from the reservoir has worsened the rising water level. 

The Hunan Provincial Government Information Office reported on June 8 that nearly 1.8 million people were affected by recent heavy rainfall and flooding in Hunan Province. At least 10 people were killed, and three people went missing.

According to the report, Hunan experienced the most extensive and longest rainfall this year from June 1 to 6.

More than 2,000 houses collapsed or were severely damaged. According to officials, a direct economic loss is estimated at over 4 billion yuan ($600 million).

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