Recently, a viral video on social media has caused outrage among netizens.

According to the victim’s description in the video, a community official brought three police officers to his home that day. He was then beaten and shoved by the official shortly after they entered the house. A young toddler who witnessed this was scared and began crying. Meanwhile, the three policemen beside him stood by and watched the whole process.

The incident caused heated discussions among the public, and the Liuyang city government later announced that the officials involved had been suspended from their posts.

From the video, a well-dressed man began a conversation with the man sitting on the sofa while the other three police officers stood around.

After a while, the man in the suit and the home occupant both got up. Then he pinched the owner’s neck with his right hand, pushed him down on the sofa, and kept slapping the owner’s face and head. Just as the owner fell onto the couch, a toddler walked out, ran toward the victim, and kept shouting, “Dad, Dad.”

The victimized homeowner said in his post because the community owner notified the gate of the community was to be closed, he proposed to the resident group not to close the entrance but to send staff to check the double code so that it can not only facilitate the residents to enter and exit but also ensure the safety of the community.

Yet there was no reply to his suggestion.

Instead, the official, accompanied by three police officers, came to confront him. The man’s house monitor recorded the incident at the time in detail.

According to information from netizens, this official is Liao Yong, the director of the General Management Office of Liuyang City. He was demoted after the online community and pressure from the public revealed the incident.

However, netizens think that this punishment is too light for this official. Others expressed compassion for the children as they witnessed their father being assaulted at home. Some netizens also exposed some unverified bad history of this official, such as accepting bribes and groping his colleague’s wife.

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