In Changsha city, Hunan province, an eight-floor building suddenly collapsed at about 12:00 on April 29.

As reported by Da Ji Yuan, the Chinese officials announced on May 6 that the search and rescue operation was over. All the trapped and missing people were found, including 10 rescued and 53 killed.

The secretary of the Changsha municipal party committee apologized for the incident. The State Council set up an investigation team afterward. Chinese state media only focused their reports on rescue information.

But like in the airplane disaster in Guangxi, Chinese authorities refuse to publish the victims’ identities. This has caused dissatisfaction among local people.

Mainland netizens are using social networks to search for the identities of these victims.

On May 7, a Wechat account wrote an article about the accident. The author collected information on 45 victims. More than 30 of them are students at Changsha Medical College.

The author also describes the majors, hobbies, personalities, and dreams of those students and their living habits. Thoughts of relatives and friends about them are also included.

On May 6, Hunan residents sent bouquets to the school. Some students helped by putting them in front of the gymnasium.

The user also complained that almost all the news reports had erased the victims’ names since the accident happened.

The user said that the rescued information is placed in front of all the news briefings.

The article has aroused the attention of many netizens. Some mentioned that until today, the list of victims in the Wenzhou train accident in 2011 and the Beijing rainstorm in 2012 still remain unknown.

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