Shanghai authorities announced this month that the lockdown had been gradually lifted in three stages. Many migrant workers hope to flee Shanghai as soon as possible. Airports and train stations are packed with people waiting to leave.

On the 26th, the topic of ‘Man leaves Shanghai in a plaster cast’ became a hot topic on the Internet.

Recently, Chinese media Technology Life Express shared a touching story of a man working far away from home.

Qu Bin is a 35-year-old Hunan man. He has worked in Shanghai for nearly three months. After a new wave of COVID outbreak hit Shanghai in March, the man was trapped in the city. One day, he sprained his foot while going downstairs to take a COVID test. 

Shanghai is the epicenter of the COVID outbreak at present. Passengers from Shanghai traveling to their hometown are required to isolate themselves after their arrival. 

In an interview, the man said that the isolation fee was too expensive. He wanted to go back to his hometown but didn’t know how to get there. After considering it, he bought a ticket to Hangzhou (杭州). Qu Bin shared that he originally moved to Shanghai to earn money to help his family. Now he has no choice but to leave this place with a plaster cast on his foot.

His eyes turned red when he mentioned his family. He said that he didn’t want his parents to see him in such a condition. When he mentioned that his child was only three years old, he couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. He turned away to wipe the tears away.

On the day Qu Bin left Shanghai, it was raining outside. He dragged his luggage, limped to the station, and took shelter from the rain under the eaves of a nearby shopping mall. 

Some people said it was very sad to watch this, and their tears rolled nonstop. 

One said: It is the most helpless voice for a man to turn his back and cry.

Another wrote: People have homes but can’t go back. The cost of quarantine fees they have to pay on their own is ridiculously expensive, and they cannot afford it. Life is full of ups and downs.

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