Around the Chinese Duanwu or Dragon Festival this year, Hunan was hit by heavy rainfall, with the intensity of the downpours being rare for this time of year. The cumulative rainfall in many places exceeded the warning level.

From June 1 to 3rd, Xiangxi Prefecture in Hunan Province was hit by heavy rainstorms and flooding. The direct economic loss amounted to 107 million RMB ( about 16 million dollars).

 As of June 3, the torrential rain has affected 278,300 people in Hunan Province; two people died, seven people were missing, more than 8,000 people were urgently relocated, 170 houses collapsed, and 10,100 hectares of crops were damaged.

The heavy rainfall also led to disasters such as mudslides, flooding of reservoirs, the collapse of houses, and urban waterlogging in many places.

From the early morning of June 2 to noon of the 3rd, the maximum precipitation in Phoenix city in western Hunan reached 320 mm. Rescue workers went from house to house to search and rescue people trapped inside.

The Tuojiang River in Phoenix, a well-known tourist attraction, was flooded. A video shows that many items drifted down on the river surface of the ancient town of Tuojiang, and even a large freezer with popsicles inside also floated on the river surface.

Heavy rain caused landslides in many places. 

At 16:00 on June 2, Jishou City launched a flood control level III emergency response. Heavy rainfall caused damage to 45 roads.

On June 3, a landslide occurred in Yiwangxi Village, Taoyuan County, causing a house to collapse, and three people who were believed to be inside the house are missing.

In response to the severe rainstorms and floods, the Hunan Province Ministry of Defense, since 7 pm on June 3, upgraded flood emergency response from level 4 to level 3.

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