As Xin Tang Ren reported on Feb 12th, Huang Wansheng’s recording clip, a former Harvard Yenching Institute scholar and distinguished Professor at Tsinghua University, as well as a visiting professor at Xi’an Jiaotong University, talked about the dark secrets behind the Chinese government’s “zero COVID” policy and how the interests of the group made 670 billion yuan  (about $105 billion) from nucleic acid testing.

Huang Wan-sheng mentioned in a recording in July 2020 that the Chinese government paid 179,000 yuan (about $28,000) for a plane ticket for him to return to China to lead the project.

According to Huang Wansheng, the most serious problem with this project is that the development of nucleic acid reagents and vaccines has become a group of interests directly related to power.

The company’s leadership and family members are involved in the nucleic acid reagents, and as long as there are one or two cases, the entire region will be tested for nucleic acid. It wants the purchase of nucleic acid tests.

Huang Wansheng added that no country in the world had been immunized in this way. This immunization benefits interest groups, including forcibly vaccinating three or four injections, all of which are related to the interest groups.

Sinovac Biotech Ltd., a Chinese biopharmaceutical company which developed the COVID-19 vaccine for the Chinese government, reported sales of 11 billion yuan (about $1,7 billion) in the first half of 2021, a 162-fold increase over the same period last year.

Taiwan financial expert Huang Shicong said that the city closure and full-scale nucleic acid testing across China is certainly a huge business opportunity for companies.

Shicong added that some high-ranking officials, interest groups, and China’s military units had used this method to make money from people. Of course, this situation will not be reduced until China’s extreme zero-clearing policy is over. 

Taiwan’s general economist Wu Jialong said that because power is too concentrated, lacks checks and balances, lacks supervision, major social issues, public health crisis, and many more will provide opportunities for the government to use power for personal gain.

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