A big explosion occurred at the Jiangyang Chemical Factory in Taiyuan, Shanxi on the afternoon of November 21. However, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hid information about the blast. Two days later, the online community began to learn about it.

NTDTV cited a pharmacy staff saying that the door and window of the pharmacy store near the factory shattered, and its ceiling partially collapsed.

After hearing a loud noise, people ran out of their houses and saw a huge ugly mushroom cloud rising from the Jiangyang Chemical Plant.

Another witness said that the radius of influence of the Jiangyang factory explosion was more than 3 miles (5km). After the initial loud noise, people heard many other smaller explosions.

The CCP media machine did not report this serious explosion during the past few days.

Jiangyang Chemical Factory is the mainstay military enterprise of the People’s Liberation Army’s Arms Industry Corporation, with 1,300 professional and technical personnel.

On September 2 of last year, an explosion at the same factory injured many workers.

In June 2005, the Jiangyang factory experienced another explosion, which according to Chinese media, injured hundreds of people. Most of the wounded were located about 550 yards from the site of the blast.

The location of the Jiangyang explosion in 2005 has still not been disclosed, and the number of people killed or injured at the epicenter of this explosion remains a secret.

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