According to Jiupai News, a local official has become an internet celebrity to attract tourists. The authority participated in many promotional videos, causing heated discussions.

Xie Wei, director of Sui City, Hubei Province, cosplayed an ancient Chinese knight for a promotional video of a local ginkgo scenic spot. 

In the video, Xie dresses up in ancient costumes and long wigs, takes a stroll with an actress, dances with swords, plays chess, and drinks in the ginkgo valley, trying to create a beautiful knight-errant style.

The video went viral with over 200 million views. Xie answered a Jiupai News reporter that he chose to promote Suizhou anciently because it has a profound cultural heritage and is one of the filming locations for a television series, “The Assassin.”

According to Xie, he only recently worked for the Culture and Tourism Bureau and his prior experience was in the township.

The media discovered this was not the first time Xie was acting. In the first half of 2022, he used to dress as a primitive of the Shennong tribe to promote Suizhou. 
After the  ginkgo valley video was released, it attracted opposing opinions. On the one hand, Sui has gained a lot of fans, and some compliment that this director was very dedicated and brave. On the other hand, a person wrote that they don’t like this kind of fame, referring to a leader remaining solemn and dignified.

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