COVID outbreaks broke out in Huawei’s R&D Center in Shanghai on November 2. Hundreds of employees were reportedly sent to quarantine sites overnight. 

Chinese media reported that on November 3 several large buses parked in front of the R&D center, preparing to transfer employees overnight. The video was also shared on social media.  

According to the video, it was the night of November 2 when Huawei’s Shanghai R&D Center transferred employees overnight. Roughly 10 buses and police cars could be seen waiting at the center’s gate. 

A large crowd gathered at Huawei’s R&D Center’s south gate in the evening light.

There were also volunteers in red and anti-pandemic workers in blue protective suits. 

According to Chinese media reports, Huawei has at least eight research institutes in mainland China. At least 10,000 people are working at Huawei’s Shanghai R&D Center.

From October 29 to November 2, Shanghai reported 24 new local COVID cases. 
According to Reuters, Shanghai’s Disney Resort imposed a snap lockdown on October 31 to curb the COVID outbreak. Visitors could only leave the theme park if they had a negative COVID test.

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