Currently, the Hu Jintao case, where the former general secretary of the CCP was escorted from the hall midway through the 20th National Congress’ closing ceremony, is still attracting public opinion at home and abroad.

Recently, the overseas press reported that Gao Yingzhi, also known as Mike Gow, a scholar at Nottingham Trent University, UK, pointed out in his Twitter post that the word ‘Hu Jintao’ was “erased” from Qiushi. Qiushi, the CCP’s leading official theoretical journal website, is published every two months by the Central Party School and the Central Committee. Despite being the former general secretary of the Central Committee, the search results for ‘Hu Jintao’ were zero, while ‘Xi Jinping’ got 1,154 results.

Aboluowang’s reporters did relevant investigations and found this was not the case.

In the search options on Qiushi’s homepage, there are four options: “Title, Author, Source, Full Text,” and in “Filter conditions,” there are also a bunch of options: “Source,” Time, Order time.”

When reporters searched for articles by author Hu Jintao with the condition “no time limit,” they found two articles published on January 4, 2015, and February 1, 2016. 

With “no time limit,” if you search for articles containing “Hu Jintao” in the content, you can find 2,291 articles.

In terms of time limits, you can only find two articles. The times are 2019 and 2021, respectively.

He also realized this compared to the Twitter post of Gao Yingzhi of Nottingham Trent University in the UK.

In a follow-up Twitter post, Gao wrote: “Others rightly pointing out that Qiushi search dates back 12 months. So I may be (ok, I am) wrong about this. Wouldn’t be first time, won’t be last. But standing by initial reaction: this looks like a major power play by Xi. Not buying the illness/PCR test speculations.”

In addition, there are also different opinions on the internet regarding the identity of the employee who escorted Hu Jintao from the hall of the 20th National Congress’ closing ceremony. It was found that at the CCP’s 20th National Congress opening ceremony, the staff accompanying Hu Jintao was also likely the one who took him out of the hall at the closing ceremony. However, this may not be accurate since this person wore a mask at the closing ceremony.

At the same time, at the so-called centenary of the founding of the CCP in 2021, the person who accompanied Hu Jintao to Tiananmen Square was the same staff who was with him during the 20th Congress opening ceremony.

There are still many opinions on the internet about the Hu Jintao incident. Still, one thing is clear and certain, the credibility of the CCP is completely lost, and now no matter what they say, people won’t believe it.

In 2014, when Xi Jinping visited Lankao County, Henan Province, he cited the term “Tacitus trap” in his speech. At the time, Xi defined the Tacitus trap as: “When public power is discredited, no matter what the ruling regime says or does, the public will judge it negatively.”

Xi Jinping then warned: “Of course we have not come this far, but the problems that exist are not trivial. If that day comes, it will jeopardize the foundation and ruling position of the Party”.

However, through the Hu Jintao incident, we can see that the day that Xi Jinping worries about has come! Now, no one believes him, even when Hu Jintao comes out and says that it was because of health problems that he left the closing ceremony midway through.

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