While the fact of former CCP leader Hu Jintao being forced out of the 20th National Congress in front of the domestic and foreign media was gradually fading. However, Japanese media outlet Xikan Fuji published an in-depth investigation and interviewed senior reporter Kenji Minemura on November 9, which revealed more of the inside story.

Exposing the inside story of Hu Jintao rushing to turn over documents

At the closing ceremony of the CCP’s 20th National Congress, Hu Jintao, the former general secretary of the Communist Party of China, was escorted from the hall by two men. The CCP’s Standing Committee list was released after he was evicted.

An investigation and interview with Kenji Minamura, a senior reporter for the Japanese media outlet Xikan Fuji, showed that on the morning of the closing ceremony, Hu knew that the number of Politburo members had fallen by one from 25 since 2002. The person left out of the list is Hu Chunhua, thought initially to be Xi’s successor and Hu Jintao strongly recommended.

At the closing ceremony, when Hu wanted to look through the list of new Committee members on his desk, Li Zhanshu, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress China, sitting on Hu’s left, quickly withdrew the document, did not allow Hu to see, and said a few words to him. Then, according to speech experts’ analysis, Li Zhanshu told Hu: “Don’t watch it! It’s all set up.”

Then Hu Jintao was escorted out of the conference by Xi’s staff.

British media outlet BBC reported that Xinhua News, the CCP’s official mouthpiece, said Hu was unwell. Still, the video showed Hu unwilling to leave the hall, making the outsiders quite curious.

The BBC pointed out that the CCP’s National Congress is often a tightly “scripted” event and that outsiders perceive the Hu Jintao incident might not be a coincidence. However, its timing was also very clever. Hu attended the closed-door meeting held early, but after the reporters brought cameras into the hall, he was suddenly taken away. Why did it happen so suddenly if it was for health reasons? Why did it happen in front of the cameras? Is this just a coincidence?

During the CCP’s 20th National Congress, Li Keqiang and Wang Yang, said to be representatives of economic liberalism, were also “excluded” from the new Politburo Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China. The current committee members are supporters of Xi Jinping.

Wang Juntao, Chairman of the National Committee of the Democratic Party of China, who has ties to high-ranking officials in the CCP system, told The Epoch Times on October 25 that he had received internal information that Xi has reached an agreement with Hu for Li Keqiang and Wang Yang to stay in office, and that Hu Chunhua will also become a permanent member. However, just before the meeting, Xi suddenly suggested that Hu Chunhua not join the Standing Committee but replace him with someone else. Hu Jintao therefore disagreed and threatened Xi: “If Hu Chunhua cannot become a permanent member, and the two bases cannot join the party constitution, then both Li Keqiang and Wang Yang will resign.” But he did not expect Xi to replace personnel, using all of his people directly.

Wang Juntao said this news came from a CCP vice minister-level cadre.

“Whether it’s because of factional fighting, or Xi wants to protect his political security, or he wants to realize his governing philosophy, he has to do this,” he said. As a result, Hu Chunhua, deputy prime minister of the Communist Youth League faction (‘Tuanpai’ for short), was not only not on the list of the Politburo Standing Committee, but also lost his seat as a member of the Politburo. The fact that Hu Chunhua lost his position as “the Party prince” reflects the latest reality of the CCP political system.

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