Recently, a video of a marketing training session at a general hospital in Sichuan province went viral on social media. The training content once again worried the public about the low professional ethics in Chinese medical institutions.

According to reports, the incident occurred at Luzhou Fukang Hospital in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province. This is a general hospital approved by China’s national health commission. In the internal training session, a doctor was reporting the marketing plan for the second half of this year. The rear projection screen shows the main contents of this report. Among the listed main points, there are two, mainly “How to make patients stay long?” and “How to make patients line up to pay us money”. The image leaked to the Internet attracted fierce criticism from netizens.

Netizens have condemned the hospital for its “money-seeking” mentality and treating patients as “cash cows.” They accused the hospital of losing medical ethics and violating the principle and primary purpose of “saving the dying.”

A mainland China media posted an opinion piece. The piece said that if it is an ordinary company with an internal marketing meeting to discuss how to attract customers to buy its products long-term, no one will feel anything wrong. But in this case, nurses are all sitting together to discuss ‘how to make patients stay long and line up to pay us money.” This sends a chill down everyone’s spine. 

In response to this, on Tuesday, August 9, a hospital worker said that the displayed content was indeed correct, but it was misunderstood. 

He explained that the basic purpose was “improving the quality of medical care.”

Besides, the personnel making the file was new, and thus unfamiliar with the operation. That’s why the content shows “words that do not convey the meaning.”

The director of the hospital also called the case an “inappropriate expression of words” and promised to make a correction.

However, the hospital’s explanation did not quell the public’s criticism online.

In recent years, various medical shady stories have emerged in China. Mistrust between doctors and patients has become all-time high, with vicious cases of patients or their family members attacking and killing doctors. At the same time, many profit-oriented “marketing plans” or slogans of medical institutions are frequently exposed on the internet.

For example, not long ago, a hospital hung a banner at the dinner party to welcome the Lunar New Year that read, “The tiger is born to welcome the new year, and the operating room is full of money.” Another hospital had a banner that read, “Celebrate the number of surgeries exceeding 1,000” and so on. The slogan was criticized for blatantly taking the patient’s pain as “joy” and treating the dying as a “business.”

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