Chinese media Huanqiu reported on Feb. 19 that Dr. Zhang Zhujun, head of the Communicable Disease Branch (CDB) of the Department of Health in Hong Kong, said that there were 6,059 local infections and the remaining 4 were imported cases. Of the patients, 2,769 were suspected of being infected with Omicron variant virus, and 20 were suspected of being infected with Delta. There are currently 46,763 confirmed cases in Hong Kong, and about 7,400 preliminary cases have been recorded.

Chief Administrative Manager (Patient Safety and Risk Management) of the Hospital Authority, He Wanxia, said that there are now 3,312 confirmed patients in public hospitals waiting for medical treatment. Fifteen patients died, involving ten men and five women. More than ten people are in critical condition.

He Wanxia said the Hospital Authority on Feb. 18 moved all the patients staying outdoors indoors, now waiting outside are patients in triage. If thousands of people are diagnosed every day, isolation facilities will soon be exhausted, and the patients will quickly force the emergency room.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital Authority, Gao Basheng, said in the RTHK program “Saturday Accountability” on the 19th, recently confirmed cases remain in the thousands of cases per day. He told the news outlet that the situation was worrying. After the government strengthened preventive measures, the number of infected people has not seen a decline in the signs. The fifth wave of the epidemic is mainly children and the elderly; the health care system is facing “unprecedented pressure.”

Some HSBC and Standard Chartered banks and Hong Kong’s Bank of China closed after Covid infected many employees this month.

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