The 73rd anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party’s founding was October 1. Hongkongers are now unable to protest due to the “Hong Kong National Security Law.” However, Hong Kong people worldwide continue to show their will to demonstrate against the CCP.

The U.K. is a popular destination for Hong Kong immigrants. Different protests were carried out on this day.

According to Chinese media Da Ji Yuan, more than 10 locations, including London, Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, etc., are hosting rallies to oppose the CCP’s persecution of the human rights of Tibetans, Uyghurs, and Hong Kong residents. They also denounced the CCP for infiltrating the U.K. and other countries.

Several local British stopped and read the volunteers’ banners during the event. Some also signed the petition, urging the British government to cut ties with the CCP.

At 12:30 p.m., a rally organized by the Hong Kong people’s group “Reading UK Stands With Hong Kong” was held in front of Reading City Hall.

They criticized the CCP for infiltrating the U.K.

A number of Hong Kong residents also tore down the CCP flag to show their dissatisfaction with the CCP.

The participants sang the song “May Glory Return to Hong Kong” as the rally came to a close.

In an interview with the news outlet, Mr. K said that he would not forget what the Hong Kong government and the CCP have done to Hong Kong people in recent years. 

As for him, participating in the rally is a good opportunity to remind himself and the international community about the CCP’s persecution of the people.

Tibetans, Uyghurs, and Hongkongers held a rally in London. 

According to VOA News, about 300 protesters marched from Piccadilly Circus in central London to the Chinese embassy, a mile away. 

Before arriving at the Chinese embassy, they chanted slogans condemning China’s human rights violations, asking for an end to the persecution of Tibetans, Hong Kongers, Uighurs, and Mongolians, and calling for Taiwan’s independence.

Only two security officers were on duty when the protesters arrived at the Chinese embassy.

Some demonstrators set down a Chinese flag outside. They threw filth on the five-star red flag, placed it on the ground, and then set it on fire.

In Birmingham, a city in central England, several Hong Kong people’s organizations organize marches and rallies, shouting slogans condemning the CCP.

The rally’s organizer estimated that roughly 600 people gathered in the city’s central Victoria Square.

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