Recently, images and videos of students from Hong Kong playing the flute while wearing double masks have stirred much debate online.

More than 400 schoolchildren from 41 high schools were invited to participate in the more than 5-minute-long video.

The clip was released by Hong Kong’s Education Bureau on September 21, in commemoration of China’s national day on October 1.

The video, titled “Young China Says,” is centered around Hong Kong’s youth and shows schoolchildren performing various artistic activities, including singing, calligraphy, martial arts, and musical performances.

At the 45-second mark, the video shows two masked schoolgirls playing the flute side-by-side with what appears to be a secondary flap covering the musical instrument.

However, this incident still caused netizens to ridicule the CCP and the Hong Kong government for their excessive epidemic prevention.

One comment: “This is not self-deception!”

A bitter user said: “This is more art than art, the art of obedience testing.”

“The virus has a question mark on its face, the performer has a question mark on its face, and the audience has a question mark on their face. I can only see ‘them’ (the CCP), smiling and satisfied.”

A language teacher: “I played volleyball with a mask in the front, and played the flute with a mask in the back. The great cause of the mask is continuous and endless.”

Chinese women’s volleyball team wearing masks

On August 25, the Chinese women’s volleyball team wore N95 masks in the 2022 Women’s Volleyball Asian Cup group match against Iran, which attracted international attention.

Many Chinese online users expressed their outrage, saying they thought it was a “zero policy” for the new crown that put players’ health at risk. Some online users even claimed that this was the outcome of China’s stringent disease control procedures, which rendered athletes “disgraceful and tossed overseas.”

Mask-wearing Chinese volleyball players fell to the Iranian team in their opening match. After removing their masks for the second game, the Chinese players easily trounced their opponents in straight sets, winning the group and advancing to the quarterfinals.

After the incident, the Chinese Volleyball Association issued an open letter apologizing for the women’s volleyball players wearing masks.

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