Chinese Internet housekeeping service provider “Easy to Get Home” announced the suspension of all its business from July 18.

LaiTimes cited an announcement from the Chinese company reporting that its capital chain was broken, which dealt a heavy blow to its sales and delivery. 

The company said that it has not determined when it will resume operations.

It has been facing protests from the users, technicians, and hired housekeepers seeking to collect debts.

According to Liberty Times, the company’s difficulties also affects Hong Kong actor Tsang Chi-wai, one of its shareholders.

“Easy to Get Home” was founded in 2014 in Shenzhen. It mainly provides cleaning, cooking, and many other housekeeping services.

The company has served over 2 million users in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and other cities. It had more than 3,000 service employees and an annual business volume of more than $7.4 million.

In 2017, “Easy to Get Home” won the national high-tech enterprise award. It received an investment of $22.2 million from several investors. Hong Kong star Tsang Chi-wai was listed as a partner with a 2% stake.

A person in charge of the company, Li Wei, holds 35.27% of the shares and has been restricted from selling.

At the end of May, the company said that it had more than 600 office employees, more than 5,000 self-operated technicians, and delivered more than 100,000 orders per month. 

As of July 8, it still claimed that it had more than 1 million users.

However, since May this year, the company has dealt with the rumors of “running away” and “fund-raising fraud” on the Internet, though it always denied them as fake news.

On May 26, while debunking the online rumors, the company admitted that there was a partial delay in the users’ refunds. However, it said that it would refund the users’ applications in batches and in an orderly manner.

But in June, some customers wanted refunds, but they could not do so. As a result, the number of customers seeking refunds surged. Requests ranged from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, none of whom got refunds.

The company has not answered publicly.

A user complained on Weibo that she had just paid a $440 bill with her card and hoped the company would return the money.

LaiTimes reported that there had been 760 complaints in the past 30 days.

The company’s customer service hotline can not be connected

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