Hong Kong held a rally to voice support for the “White Paper Revolution” in China. Security Minister Tang Bingqiang, considers the protest “the embryonic form of a new color revolution.” Later, Chinese leader Xi Jinping, pointed out that the protests were caused by students’ frustration with pandemic measures. News commentator Feng Sugan discovered that Ming Pao newspaper has quietly deleted a report on Tang’s “new color revolution.” Feng thinks that what Ming Pao did was stupid, because “The more you ban, the more curious the public becomes and the more they want to spread the news.”

In response to Hong Kong’s support for the “White Paper Revolution,” Tang Bingqiang’s statement on November 30 published in Ming Pao said that Hong Kong has a national security risk and some continue to intentionally endanger national security. He said he noticed that “the embryonic form of a new color revolution” had emerged in Hong Kong. Some people deliberately take advantage of social conflicts to incite division and deliberately organize others to go into the streets. Universities and colleges have become places of such activities. He emphasized that everyone is equal before the law, not because you are a student from China or because you work in the media that you can go unharmed.

Tang also stated that the protesters’ next step would be to release protest instructions, compose theme songs, create fake news, and smear law enforcement officials.

However, Tang’s comment did not receive a response from the CCP or even those close to Beijing.

According to Vision Times, someone questioned whether Tang’s statement about the revolution was in align with the CCP. Tang did not give a clear response. In response to this, Ming Pao newspaper published a short article on December 7 titled “The Chinese’s pandemic prevention and control measures are relaxed, Tang Bingqiang does not respond whether ‘the embryonic form of a new color revolution” is still true or not.'”

That evening, Ming Pao updated the report, adding a response from the Security Bureau, and changed the title to “China loosens pandemic prevention measures, Tang Bingqiang was asked about ‘the embryonic form of a color revolution’ and reiterated that related activities are ‘closely organized.'”

On December 8, Ming Pao simply deleted the entire report. According to Vision Times, news commentator Feng pointed out that if you search Google by the title, you can still find those two articles (search link), “but if you click on Ming Pao website, you can just see a blank background with big text ‘temporarily no content.'”

Feng didn’t understand Ming Pao’s way of doing things. He said, “Before that, Ming Pao was determined not to remove the comic book Zunzi that Hong Kong police wanted removed, as well as Ceng Zhihao’s article that Tang pointed out as ‘mixing sound and image,’ Ming Pao was adamant not to remove the article, but for the official response from the Security Department, Ming Pao rushed to withdraw in just one night. Is it possible that Tang’s speech is more sensitive than political satire and should be banned?”

Feng said that it was probably because Xi made the final decision to consider the protest as “people’s frustration with pandemic measures.” If Tang spoke eloquently about the “color revolution,” it would be out of step with Xi and cause him more trouble. Feng said, “The dignity of the people’s leader has been damaged by a local official, how can 1.4 billion Chinese people endure this?”

He continued that it is impossible to know the real reason why Ming Pao quietly deleted the article. However, Feng stressed that removing the article was stupid: “The more you ban, the more curious the public becomes and the more they want to spread the news. This is human nature.”

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