After two consecutive weeks of combating cross-border transshipment, Hong Kong Customs detected 14 alleged cases and seized more than 63,000 pieces of suspected counterfeit goods.

Da Ji Yuan , citing intelligence, reported that Hong Kong officials launched a special operation code named “Stalker III” from September 28 to October 11. Forty Customs officers raided different demolition yards in Lau Fau Shan , Yuen Long , Tsing Yi , and Kwai Chung , and arrested 1 man and 4 women. 

The counterfeits have an estimated market value of nearly $4 million (HK$30 million) and include watches, phone accessories, sunglasses, soccer jerseys, handbags, and sports shoes.

Of the 14 cases, Hong Kong Customs, through initial investigations, believes that 12 cases are destined for overseas markets, including the U.S., Hungary, Senegal, Israel, and India. Meanwhile, the other two cases were for domestic sale. 

In an assault on a logistics company in Kwai Chung , officials seized 20 pairs of suspected counterfeit sneakers. After contacting the consignee from the phone number on the package, the Customs team successfully found another 9 pairs in a shop in the North Point mall. 

The Hong Kong officers arrested a 28-year-old woman and another 26-year-old female tenant. The two suspects claimed that they advertised and sold knock-off sneakers on a social platform, with the same prices and authentic brands, to deceive customers. 

In addition, using the same tactic, the  Customs officials managed to confiscate more than 19 counterfeit handbags and wallets at a retail store in Causeway Bay and took into custody the 49-year-old male owner and two female staff.

Preliminary investigations show that the shop sold its products online to foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong. The fake products are of poor quality and are 10% cheaper than the market price.Da Ji Yuan noted that the cases are still under investigation and the five defendants are out on bail pending further investigation.

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