Amid Hong Kong’s fifth wave of the Covid outbreak, the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region issued Xi Jinping’s anti-pandemic instructions on Feb. 16.

Accordingly, Xi required the Hong Kong government to “make it the overriding task to stabilize and control the epidemic as soon as possible—mobilize all the forces and resources,” and “take all necessary measures.”

Hong Kong local media “Hong Kong 01” disclosed on Feb. 16 that the government would conduct three national tests in early March. The initial plan is to complete the first test for 7.5 million people within one week, and the other two rounds would consecutively follow right after.

Data from Reuters showed the number of confirmed cases in Hong Kong had increased by 60 times this month, with 6,116 new cases reported on Feb. 17. The outlet also quoted Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam, saying the “city-wide virus testing is a plan we are considering now.”

Yan Chungou is a Chinese author who served as a Red Guard leader during the Chinese Communist Party’s Cultural Revolution. In a Facebook post on Feb. 17, he said that “After John Lee went to Shenzhen and coordinated with mainland officials to fight the epidemic, the government plans to borrow mainland medical resources to conduct universal testing for 7 million people in mid-March. This month, Hong Kong is in a state of defencelessness, allowing the virus to spread in the community. If we count 7,000 people per day (in geometric progression, of course), 210,000 people would be infected in 30 days.”

He added that “If there is no way to isolate them, then they will have to stay at home. That is the same result as not implementing universal testing, not identifying those who tested positive, and not implementing isolation.”

The author also mentioned that although the regime has applied the “Zero-Covid” policy for the past two years, it had never achieved the “Zero-Covid” stage with waves of outbreaks sweeping across the country.

When referring to the Western countries’ choice of coexistence with the virus, Yan explained that “democracies cannot achieve the political goals of individual politicians at the great expense of their people.”

In his latest post on Feb. 20, he wrote that the measure would “cause great social disruption and suffering to Hong Kong people.”

“In the name of epidemic prevention, the violent state policy of the Chinese Communist Party is being implemented to force Hong Kong people to get accustomed to the ruling methods of the Chinese Communist Party, and to subjugate Hong Kong people at the spiritual and cultural levels.”

Under the regulation of the Hong Kong government, Hong Kong’s economy has entered a cold winter. Many restaurants, theaters, and shops have closed down, and foreign companies have withdrawn, followed by a wave of layoffs and unemployment.

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