A father in Yichun, Jiangxi Province has posted a video of him helping his son do homework on counting 10,000 grains of rice. It soon went viral and sparked public concerns. 

The scene shows other family members counting grains with the boy. They divided the rice into small amounts and counted them to five. Many people think the homework is ridiculous and questioned why the family even does it while others suggested a better way to have it done. 

“The boy must be learning multiplication in maths in school. Why not measure the weight of 100 grains of rice and then multiply that by 100 times to get the right weight of 10,000 grains?”

Either way, this is undoubtedly a daunting task for primary school children. 

The father believes “Teachers are training students to have this serious attitude in everything they do,” and that, “No matter whether his teacher will check or not, I think students should have a serious attitude towards their homework,”. 

There are fierce debates about “creative assignments”, “exotic assignments” and “irrational assignments” in Chinese education recently. Sometimes it comes from unclear requests, or miscommunication between school and family but sometimes parents are too strict in educating their kids.

SCMP posted a father in central China’s Hubei province made his 11-year-old daughter dig for lotus roots for hours in the blazing hot sun in April, hoping to teach her a lesson about what life without a proper education would mean for her future. 

Or another example was a mother forcing her 8-year-old boy to collect recyclable rubbish to earn enough to repay the 20 yuan he stole from his grandmother.

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