Authorities send residents and COVID volunteers in Hohhot to quarantine sites. Reports say that several volunteers were quarantined in facilities that were in poor condition. Even a 4-year-old child lived in the same room with six other people. 

Wang Bin (pseudonym) told the Chinese media Da Ji Yuan that he worked as a volunteer in Deshengyuan Community, Yuquan District, from October 2 to October 19. After that, he was sent to a rough quarantine site in Mingxiangyuan Community, New City, Hohhot.

He said he was placed in quarantine on October 20. Yet, no one had come to take COVID tests for them. Six people in a room weren’t feeling very well, and a 4-year-old was living with them.

Volunteer Fanghua (pseudonym) was also quarantined in the same room as Wang Bin. She told the news outlet that she had been staying there for two weeks without being tested for COVID.

The bathroom just had simple sinks and toilets. They were unable to take a bath since there was no hot water. Three meals a day were given, along with water.

Due to COVID close contact, Fanghua and others were sent to this place for quarantine. 

She demanded the authorities repay the volunteers’ owed salaries.

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