Chengdu: Tanker truck overturned, causing fire with dozens of meters

Recently, multiple places in China have continuously faced fire and explosion accidents. At midnight on July 25, an oil tanker truck overturned, causing fire on a highway in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Footage shared online shows the fire spreading, lighting up an entire area, and smoke rising. The road where the fire occurred was engulfed in flames, making it impossible for vehicles to pass. 

As reported by Phoenix New Media, the fire spread dozens of meters. Traffic authorities said that the road would open to traffic after the experts conducted an assessment and inspection to ensure safety. There are currently no reports of casualties or damage. The cause of the accident is under further investigation.

Not wearing seat belts on the bus, Luoyang traffic police fined passengers

A video shared on Chinese social media on July 25 showed three traffic police working on a bus. According to the netizen, the Luoyang traffic police checked “not wearing a seat belt” and fined each passenger 5 yuan ($0.74) on the bus.

However, the action of Luoyang traffic police breaking into a bus to fine passengers raises questions from many internet users. It seems that the local Police and Traffic Bureau hold different opinions on whether bus passengers need to wear seat belts.

Luoyang netizens posted via the “People’s Voice” hotline, asking is it necessary to use seat belts? The Luoyang Municipal Transportation Bureau replied that the bus is a low-speed vehicle, and there is no requirement for passengers to wear seat belts.

According to New Tang Dynasty TV, netizens also discuss the Luoyang traffic police on the strange reason for the fine. People said, “Traffic rules require that the front and back drivers not wear seat belts fine. I have never heard of a fine for riding the bus”. Another said: “I did not know that bus seats have seat belts.”

Guangdong: standing air ticket allowed on a flight 

A man complained that he had bought a ticket to go home on July 24, but when he arrived at the airport on time to check in, he was told that his flight was full and could not be boarded. After asking the customer service center, the airline told him that it was overbooking.

The man said that he had to get on this flight to go home and accept a standing ticket. Then the staff also arranged a standing ticket for the man.

Overbooking is a common practice from airlines. The number of tickets sold is more than the actual number of seats on the plane. Because if someone returns a ticket only shortly before takeoff, the seat is wasted. The airline then suffers the revenue loss of the seat, so they come up with this way of overselling tickets.

Visitors shocked to see the spectacle of ‘Buddha light’ on Mount Tai’s top

An unexpected miraculous scene occurred on MountTai, Tai’an, Shandong Province, on July 23, making everyone amazed and scrambling to take pictures.

Video shared on Weibo showed a colorful halo like the Buddha statue’s halo and three figures inside. The cameraman said that was the first time she had seen this phenomenon. Locals told her that “Bixia Baoguang” is also known as Mount Tai, “Buddha’s Light.”

Many netizens also prayed for peace while watching this footage.

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