While the CCP is holding the 20th National Congress in Beijing, the COVID-19 pandemic has broken out in many parts of China, and the authorities have implemented strict lockdowns. As reported, related protest banners have spread to many places after the “Sitong Bridge protest” in Beijing.

A white banner with red letters appeared on Sitong Bridge, Beijing, in the morning of October 13. 

It read,

“We need food, not COVID tests. 

We want freedom, not lockdowns.

We want dignity, not lies. 

We need reform, no cultural revolution. 

We want to vote, not a leader. Don’t be slaves, be citizens.”

The news about protest spread like fire on the internet, but were quickly censored. Since then, banners or spray-painted words have appeared in public places, demanding Xi Jinping’s resignation.

In the early morning of October 16, in Xi’an areas such as the bus station opposite the north gate of Jiaotong University, the public bicycle recharging area on Xi’an Road, the check-in counter on Xingqing Street and the parking area on Baxian Street, many handwritten slogans with the same content as the one hung on Sitong Bridge appeared

The above photos were seen in a video posted by the account @RFA_Chinese on October 17.

Massive lockdowns

According to The Paper, on October 16, 3 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases were detected in Linyi, Shandong, in the early morning of October 15, including one case in the Tancheng district.

Because of this asymptomatic case, tens of thousands of teachers and students of Tancheng Experimental High School were forced into quarantine.

Tancheng Experimental High School has a middle school and a high school. Parents of students, especially parents of middle school students, are quite worried about their children being quarantined away from home.

Twitter account @haicanwang1 posted a video showing a crowd watching in despair as teachers and students are taken away on a bus. According to her post, on October 15, in Tancheng District, Linfen City, Shanxi Province, a COVID-19 case was detected in the experimental middle school, causing tens of thousands of teachers and students to be quarantined. From morning to evening, people were being dragged away to quarantine the previous day. She added that the world will not be at peace if “the communist bandits” are not destroyed.

A Sound of Hope reporter called the middle school to ask how long the quarantine would last, and a teacher replied: “I don’t know. It’s hard to know when it is over. The pandemic is currently very complicated. The whole city is under martial law.”

A hotel employee also confirmed that the city was locked down: “The city has been closed, and it is currently under static management.”

A restaurant owner told Sound of Hope that the restaurant’s employees are on leave because of the pandemic.

Zhengzhou, Henan, also announced on October 17 that residents of the whole area cannot go out unless necessary. Schools have started online teaching, and on-site catering services and gatherings are suspended.

Twitter account @tw_tomy_ posted a video on October 17, saying: “October 17, 2022, Zhengzhou should be considered a locked-down city.”

In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic is also breaking out in Shanghai, Beijing, and other places, and many areas are locked down and controlled.

The CCP’s strict ‘zero-COVID’ policy has sparked a strong wave of public discontent.

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