China has experienced increasing temperatures in the northern parts and heavy rains in the southern regions in May.

Central Meteorological Observatory (CMO) issued a high-temperature yellow warning on May 28.

The temperature in southern Hebei, most of Henan, northern and western Shandong, and Xinjiang is expected to reach above 35°C on May 29. The highest temperature can be 37-38°C.

Turpan Basin of Xinjiang and central and northern parts of Henan will record 39 – 40°C in temperature.

CMO forecasts this extreme weather will continue from May 31 to June 3. The daily maximum temperature in some areas can reach 38 – 40°C.

By contrast, some southern parts of China, including Guizhou, southwestern Hunan, central Jiangxi, and eastern Guangxi, have undergone scattered heavy rains and torrential rains.

Continuous heavy rains lead to floods, causing casualties in many places in the south.

The recent heavy rainfall and flooding caused the collapse of a factory and a residential house in Fujian Province, resulting in 8 deaths.

Flood overflowed the riverbank in Yunnan Province, making villages, houses, and fields submerge in water. The natural disaster caused 4 deaths and 4 missings.

Heavy rain and floods also cause crop damage, landslides, and traffic interruption.

The local authorities relocated more than 1,600 people, and nearly 10,000 residents were affected to varying degrees.

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