The Chinese regime’s Supreme Procuratorate’s news release on Feb. 9 said Gan Rongkun, a former member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Henan Province, was recently indicted by the Changzhou City Procuratorate to the Changzhou Intermediate Court. 

Gan Rongkun, 60, serving as the deputy director of the Finance and Technology Department of the General Administration of Customs, has been investigated since June 1st, 2021, under suspicion of taking bribes. 

According to the prosecution, Gan was accused of taking advantage of his authority to gain benefits from others and illegally accepting others’ property to a considerable extent.

Gan Rongkun was fired from his current position and expelled from the CCP. 

According to his double firing’s official note, Gan was addicted to gambling for a long time, interfered in judicial activities in violation of the law, amassed wealth in his position as deputy director and secretary of the provincial party committee’s political and legal affairs committee.

According to Chinese-language media Kanzhongguo, Gan Rongkun is a fellow of Zeng Qinghong, the second figure in the Jiang Zemin faction. Jiang Zemin faction and Xi Jinping faction are two major factions within the CCP. 

So, this reveals the fierce infighting within the CCP’s top leaders ahead of the 20th National Congress, whereby Xi Jinping is trying his best to secure a third term as President. 

According to Kou Jianwen, the International Relations Research Center at National Chengchi University’s director, Zhou Yongkang, and other so-called political ambition groups challenged the power of Xi Jinping in 2012 by using the CCP’s political and legal system.

Because Zhou Yongkang was the secretary of the Central Political and Legal Committee and served as the Minister of the Ministry of Public Security earlier, he placed many people in the political and legal system for more than ten years. 

After Xi Jinping came to power, he investigated the political and legal system. In the past two years, Xi has specially launched the purge of the political and legal system. 

Previously, Wu Tianjun, Gan Rongkun’s predecessor and former secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Henan Province, was sentenced to 11 years in prison in 2017.

Similarly, Yu Donghui, Gan Rongkun’s subordinate and a former secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, was sentenced to 14 years in prison in 2021.

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