China’s marriages dropped to the lowest level on record last year. In addition, the low birth rate is another problem. Now, the high prices demanded of traditional dowries by the families of potential brides add to the woes. 

According to Fox News, recently, the engagement of a couple in China was canceled after the bride’s family asked $163,000 for the privilege of marrying their daughter. In the end, the couple broke up for a lack of financial resources.

After the article was posted, it went viral and gained about 22 million views. 

China’s significant demographic imbalance is one of the reasons that cause skyrocketing costs associated with weddings.

China has the most population globally but with a notable gender imbalance gap. Due to China’s one-child policy, there is now a surplus of about 34 million men. It was because many families chose to have sons rather than daughters.

The country’s one-child policy ended in 2015.

According to Reuters, demographers predict that its births are expected to reach record lows this year, dropping below 10 million from last year’s 10.6 million babies.

Its 1.16 fertility rate in 2021 was among the lowest in the world and below the 2.1 OECD standard for a stable population.

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