According to a report of the Shandong Heze Health Commission, on July 28, Heze city, Shandong, reported five confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 93 asymptomatic infections. 

By July 29, the city had designated 57 high-risk and 27 medium-risk areas. Cao County in Heze city has 60 medium and high-risk areas, and all bus lines in the city were temporarily suspended.

A video on the Internet shows people from a village in Cao County carrying their luggage on the road, preparing for the COVID quarantine period. Several large buses were parked on the side of the road. [Video 0:57- 1: 08]

Another video shows the situation in Louzhuang Town, Cao County. Parked buses line the roads, ready to transfer residents to the quarantine sites in different places. [Video 0:00- 0:30]

Mr. Lin is a Louzhuang Village Cao County resident. He told the Chinese media Da Ji Yuan reporter that it is estimated that the number of people who have been taken away for quarantine could be more than 10,000. 

Mr. Wang is a resident of Xin’anjiang Road, Cao County, Heze City. On July 29, he said that the pandemic situation in Cao County was dire. People cannot enter or go out of the county since it has been closed. As a result, residents are now confined to their homes. It is unknown how many COVID-infected people and their close contacts have been taken to quarantine sites. 

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