According to Taiwanese media UDN, Shangjie Airport in Henan allegedly owed back land rent to surrounding villagers, citing financial constraints. Reports are that the rent the airport owes was about $447,000.

Shangjie Airport is located in Xingyang City, under the jurisdiction of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province.

The news outlet cited a report by Top News. Accordingly, Shangjie Airport initially paid farmers whose land was used for the airport a rent of about $370 per mu (0.16 acre) each year. However, the villagers are apprehensive now because they haven’t received the money from the airport since 2021.

In previous years, people received their money before the Spring Festival. Yet, the airport hasn’t paid villagers the 2021 rent. 

The report quoted Wang Hua, a villager in Xuzhuang Village, Wangcun Town, Xingyang City, as saying villagers went to the village committee to ask about the problem. Still, they obtained no results after half a year.

The person in charge of Xuzhuang Village said that Shangjie Airport rented more than 499 mu (about 82 acres) of land from the people of Xuzhuang. 

Estimates are that the airport owes Xuzhuang village and the two other nearby villages nearly $450,000 in rent each year.

This person went on to say that Xuzhuang people would usually get their money before the Spring Festival. Xingyang Urban Development and Investment company will take money from Shangjie Airport and then transfer the money to the locals’ bank accounts. Even after the Spring Festival was over, people could not receive any money. The reasons are still unclear.

A staff member of the Wangcun town authority said that many villagers had faced the same problem of unpaid land rent. The residents have repeatedly reported the issue to various departments, but their efforts were to no avail.

The incident was reported to the Xingyang Urban Development and Investment on June 28. A person in charge, Mr. Liu, replied, “Xingyang City’s finances have been relatively tight in the past two years.” He added that in 2020, the company advanced money to pay the rent. However, the company somewhat lacked finances the previous year.

Established on December 9, 2003, Xingyang Urban Development and Investment is a wholly state-owned limited liability company. The Xingyang Municipal People’s Government funds it.

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